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hotel not honoring goibibo booking id

Just don't understand the logic of goibibo giving option to pay@hotel on site at the time of booking. Is it because they are not sure of hotelier honoring their booking request ?

Happened with me and ruined my vacation. Nobody either from hotel or goibibo bothered to inform me that my booking is not taken by hotel until i inquired about it and by that time it was already late. All this was not enough, i got a mail from goibibo that i didn't share my bank details with hotel was the reason of hotel not accepting my booking, whereas i had called goibibo call centre for than 10 times and explained that i had shared the details as per request with hotel. 

I would say that this ibibo team has no clue and control over the booking and would suggest fellow travellers to pursue their vacation plans by directly calling hotels and go by more conclusive way of booking rather than asking somebody who can't take full responsibility.....

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