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This is regarding my first Hotel transaction with GoIbibo. I usually use GoIbibo more for Air travel. And I may not use it anymore for Hotels and probably even recommend my friends and colleagues NOT to use it.

  • § Booking ID – HTLE9HU8WC
  • § Hotel Name – THE CITIOTEL
  • § Dates – 22 Oct to 25 Oct 2015
  • § Value – Rs. 6735 (including discounted rate)

I always call my Hotel a day before and confirm things but as per your message received a day ago I went with your word and didn’t call. And what followed is UTTER HUMILIATION and PATHETIC EXPERIENCE one can ever dream of.

I (with my wife REENA and 2 year old son) reached the above mentioned Hotel on 22 Oct at 11:20 am after a 4 hour drive from Mumbai. I went right up to the Hotel reception and handed them my printout while my wife and son sat at the reception area. When asked for my name and on mentioning BRIAN RODRIGUES; he ran through his booking list and immediately told me that my Booking in the Hotel was cancelled and they would set me up in a nearby Hotel which was under their management. He further told me that they have communicated this to GoIbibo a day before. I was taken aback as I neither received a call/email from either GoIbibo or CITIOTEL on this. Much to my frustration I told him that I have booked after reviewing the Hotel online and they should work out something. On this the receptionist spoke to a Lady Manager sitting in one corner (MEHNAAZ). I couldn’t see her face but she arrogantly replied to him in Hindi “Nothing can be done, tell them to move to the other place. No place here and even I speak to GoIbibo still they wouldn’t be able to accommodate since they are Full”. I actually was about to lose my patience and discussed with my wife and agreed to see the other place. One of the staff accompanied me and took me to the other Hotel (KRISHNA PRESIDENCY – Lower Budget Hotel) which was just 50-70 metres away fortunately. I did check the rooms which though weren’t comparable to CITIOTEL; were decent enough. Please also note there was No WIFI here and I had a few business deals for which I needed the internet

Now begins the most TERRIFYING part

When I finished checking rooms and was on my way down; I found my wife seated in KRISHNA PRESIDENCY reception area crying and my son weeping bitterly. My wife said she wanted to return back and not stay over. When I enquired; she told me that the lady manager (MEHNAAZ) had insulted and humiliated her. Not only that she asked her to get out of the CITIOTEL hotel saying that “TERI AUKAAD NAHI HAI ISS HOTEL MEIN REHNE KA” I always believe that the coin has 2 sides so I heard my wife’s part. So what happened was when I went across to check the other hotel my wife was very upset like me at the news of the hotel denying us accommodation despite a confirmed booking. In that unhappy state she began telling CITIOTEL receptionist that this is not the manner in which we get booted out as we already had a confirmation. And that we neither got a call/email to confirm anything. The Receptionist directed the conversation to MEHNAAZ who got into a very confrontational mode; She started abusing in words which are so derogatory and cheap that I can’t use them myself on this mail. She even went ahead and told my wife that you are not the daughter of 1 father. My Wife didn’t hold herself back and started arguing with her. I don’t think anyone would. The saddest part is all the staff around came and just seemed to enjoy the conversation which made it very embarrassing for my wife. To make matters worse my kid also started crying seeing all this commotion. So my wife picked him up and came to this hotel


Hearing all this I ran across and wanted to actually beat the living daylights of that female irrespective of the outcome(I was that Angry; if you understand). However she didn’t appear at all in front of me. The staff said she’s gone to get fresh. I waited but she didn’t come. At this moment I was going to call GoIbibo but my sobbing wife and kid came to my mind and I ran to the other Hotel. Since I had my business lunch meeting scheduled at 1:30 I had to take up a room and settled down in KRISHNA PRESIDENCY. My wife in the interim noted the Gen. Manager’s name of CITIOTEL from the Krishna Presidency’s reception desk. His name is AKSHAT SHETTY (Tel – 9890686761) as we wanted to raise a formal complaint and demand an Apology from MEHNAAZ. He was on travel and out of town but was courteous and apologetic. He also assured us that she would apologize. We went for the Lunch meeting and understood from AKSHAT that they came across to apologize and since we weren’t there they left a bouquet of flowers and a Chocolate as a sign. When we got back we did find the bouquet and chocolate however it was delivered by Mr. Karan (another Manager) so we again spoke to AKSHAT. He wasn’t aware that MEHNAAZ didn’t come across and said she would come next day. However come next day and nothing happened. We didn’t get a call from Akshat as well as neither did Mehnaaz come across. So there was another Sr. Manager of Gunduraj I Hotels (Mr. N Shetty) who came to my room as I’d asked the staff and he said he’d fix up a meeting with the MD of the group ; but again that didn’t happen at all. So when I found the MD seated in his cabin on Saturday night, I walked up myself and met him. He was cognizant of what transpired and apologized. I mentioned to him that that he need not be sorry and we only want to register a complaint and require Mehnaaz to apologise.


He called her and as expected she was rude and arrogant in front of him as well and had no respect neither was she shameful of what she had done a few days back. She said wouldn’t apologize as it was my wife who was at fault. She got into an argument with me as well and I would have smacked her in the face with the way she spoke and language used but held back. I can narrate this on and on.

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