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how can I delete my cradit card number

Tell me as early as possible.....

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I have to delete my saved credit card details in my profile.  How is to be done?

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How to delete my saved card details

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How to delete my saved card details


****** at Goibibo.... there is no way to remove your saved credit card

How can't you provide that option. I want to delete my credit card details. I am not comfortable saving those details.


how can i remove the stored card details from my account?????

Stored cards can be deleted only through  goibibo mobile app. Go to your personal profile and there you can see go fast pay. Click edit and remove your card details.

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Heh Dude, Me too face this kind of issue. Last month my colleague booked hotel from my account and he saved his card detail for Gofastpay. First I can't realize what he did. Today I tried to book bus ticket and my goibibo app shows saved card detail. That time also I can't realize, Just I click saved card pay mode. While I'm not receiving OTP from my bank, after that only I realize what happens (Both saved cards are Master Cards) Finally I got solution from Goibibo cus care. Open ur goibibo  mobile app right side you may find one human icon. Open the icon and you can see Gofastpay (Rocket icon) and enter this, then edit saved card detail and delete the existing card detail which you don't need. Better don't save any card details. 

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M Arun Arokiaraj

but even if i follow the steps using mobile app, the card details are not getting deleted. its still showing up.

friends.. we can delete the credit card processing services info from goibibo through the mobile app. the problem of is that we cant do it through pc. so use a mobile for it and delete it.

The credit card details can be deleted by using the mobile applications.now a days all the details can be processed through the mobile app.thanks for sharing this article.i hope you more post. Electrical Services Dubai


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