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Exploring Bidar- The City of Whispering Monuments.

Hi Folks, 

While reading an article on Karnataka's best tourist places, I came across Bidar, which is nicknamed as The City of Whispering Monuments. Is there anyone, who has visited this city???

If yes, please tell me more about this city. I would like to visit this place in future.

Well dear its true that Bidar is nicknamed as The City of Whispering Monuments.The Historical monuments and sites in and around the Bidar city belong to different periods of history. Some of the design and decorative patterns seen in the monuments of Bidar are unique in India.There are lots of places you can visit in Bidar city like Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib, Bidar Fort, Papnash Shiva Temple, Rangin Mahal, Bahmani Tombs and The Solah Khamba Mosque. 

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Thanks Arpit, the pictures are awesome!!!! Will surely visit Bidar.

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