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Unprofessional Service

 I have booked an International flight to Poland for July end 2015.

For the last at least 5 days I am trying to reschedule it. Neither goibibo calls me in the normal hours neither does it pick up my call.
Their reply is extremely unprofessional and rude .
They called me twice - once at midnight and another time at 11 - which was extremely rude and manerseless too.
Then they gave me a Reschedule fees through email .
Once I confirmed it - they said someone will call me back ASAP. No-one called for 20 hours - then someone called me at 11 pm to say sorry the email that we have sent is wrong - the reschedule fees are double than what we have quoted in the email and now the new airfare has gone up too.

An unimaginably horrible and unprofessional service.

I am consulting my lawyer to take this matter to the consumer court.

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