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Hotel Booking

We tried to book room in Maple Inn Annex Hotel - Bengaluru. It shows - Eco Non A/c Room where as in Amenities it shows with AC. So is it Non Ac or AC. Can u inform us.
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i was booked hotel through goibibo on 31st August for kochi dated 10th November. 8th November call came from Oyoroom customer care they told me my booking is in kochi hotel is canceled due to non availability rooms. so your booking made to another hotel & they send me hotel address. so i confused why goibibo customer care dont call me & inform me same thing. why they do it on last date. so i went to given address at another hotel. so they told me charges for 1 night stay at hotel. but i already online paid hotel stay charges. then i decided to call the goibibo through booked  hotel guy so he told me room is available as booked by you.

so i damn sure somebody is theft my details & given to Oyorooms.

very horrible experience.

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