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Remove GoCash !

Hello there,

You might be acclaimed of your new initiative of 'GoCash' program but I think of it as a very 'BAD' program. Let's consider some examples as below:
1) You were giving a coupon of 115 or 150 or 100 or so for every bus booking but now you are just giving a 10% or a 100rs from GoCash account which doesn't make any much sense as others are already giving high offers as the competition is also very high in this area.
2) You are claiming that you are giving a hotel booking or flight booking for FREE but what in the reality is YOU are compelling the novice people to get logged into their account and spend money on flight/hotel and then they will realize the real facts behind the GoCash. You might be saying that you are giving 100% cash back on hotel bookings but to re-use those 10000rs how many bookings one has to make in GoIbibio? Could you imagine? Don't you think a novice person is able to understand this? How long can you retain a customer with this offer? I now have 2700/- in my GoCash account but what should I do with that?You are now COMPELLING me to use that money for OTHER bookings? That's a BAD idea.
3) Make the customers believe in you but don't trap that belief for the benefit of you. You are now seeing the startups like Uber/Paytm/Ola spending lakhs of rupees on promoting their product and there is no special deal to come to YOUR site and book using your so called GOCASH account. Paytm Vallet makes more sense compared to your GoCash. Go check their features and try doing something innovative and customer friendly.
Having said all these, I am strongly saying that, unless you change your policies, you can't definitely make an impact.
You might ignore this message or spam this one but this is a honest and correct feedback for which you make surveys and pay money to those survey sites but am doing it for you for free!!

A dissatisfied customer
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its better to cover your own feet with slipper than to cover the Whole World with carpet, Sorry brother, Applauds for your innovative thinking and feed backs but we people are frequent travelers.,.,. this gocash promotion helps us considerably, if the gocash in your account doesnt helps you or if you dont need it then juzt give it to me, i ll use it and im inneed of it.,., :) Tq
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