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Refund of the flights cancelled

Please tell me why the refunds has not been processed yet. The Airline had cancelled the flights from Chennai to Kochi sector and did not had any alternate arrangements. I called them up and cancelled the tickets and they said that I am entitled for full refund. Where is the amount? why is it not reflected yet?

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Can somebody please answer??
If ticket booked on 3 march 2018by goibibo as non refundable for LGA newyork to Chicago and then connecting flight chicago to clevland for the date 21st March , And on 21 st morning you got information that due to snow fall or bad weather flightfrom LGA NY is cancelled by air line then air line or goibibo refund the amount or rearrangement by air line with 2 check in baggage for their next flight or with another air line is possible ? Who will pay charges if another air lines takes charge for2 check in bags ? In another circumstances if first flight delayed and due to this if we missed connecting flight from Chicago to clevland then air line will refund or make rearrangement without any charges?
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