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Need Refund of wrong reschedule


My Details:

My account ID is: atam004@gmail.com
Registered Number is: 9481629798
For communication Please use email id: atam002@gmail.com.

Issue Details:

I called customer care to reschedule my tickets to 20th May 2015 (new date) from 28th May 2015 (old date). But due to misunderstanding they rescheduled my ticket to 21st May 2015 (which is wrong date). When I asked to your representative, It is not 21st May but it is 20th May, then she was telling ticket already have been rescheduled to 21st May.
Due to above incident, I have to again reschedule my ticket to 20th May 2015 (new date that I wanted) from 21st May 2015 (wrong date that you rescheduled). Hence, I have to suffer two times of rescheduling charges.

My Request is to refund my Rescheduling charges that you deducted in rescheduling my ticket to 21st May instead of 20th May.

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