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lowest price challenge

see the rates are different as you said lowest price challenge

the initiatory for mumbai goa

at mayfair hideaway resort goa

for 28 may to 30 may 2015
on go ibibo is 21496/-

and on booking .com is 9900/-

now challenge

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Dear Mr. Shinde, Greetings from Goibibo!! This is in regards to your email for Lowest Price Guarantee. Please be informed that as per Terms & Conditions without making the booking with Goibibo, your Price Guarantee cannot be claimed. This is goibibo revert on my complaint Now tell me if there is a price difference why should i pay to the Froud hoibibo Its a common sense Tell me why should i make payment first
Dear Mr Sinde Greetings from Goibibo.com We deeply regret for the inconvenience but please share the registered contact number or e-mail ID or the booking Id, so that we may check and revert you accordingly. Sincerely Goibibo Team

 the rates are higher on goibibo as you said lowest price challenge 

for haute monde by PI hotel in gurgaon:

Price on yatra is :5703

Price on Goibibo:5819

for 23 april to 25 april 2017.

Attached are the snapshots.

(55.7 KB)

Well i also found a similar irregularity. I was looking for booking a Hotel in Puri called as VISHU DARSHAN HOLIDAY HOME. Now the rates of this Hotel for a room on your website is showing as 2800/- where as the same room if i check the rates on hotel website is not more than 1200 and i booked the room on booking.com at 1200. 
How come your rates are more than double. Its a shame that u r making a fool of people by cheating them. 


Agree that the prices for hotels from Go Ibibo are highest and never the lowest.

 Almost double of Travel Guru and Booking . com

Cheating people.

Paid Rs. 10750/= + taxes for a hotel and same available on travel Guru at 4200/= including taxes

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