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Buying domestic tiket with International MasterCard not of india

Can i I buy Domestic Tiket with International MasterCard, not of India. I am not living in India.
Also you ask me in the internet to put my mobile number with +91. but I am living in other country

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Dear Sir/Madam Greetings from Goibibo.com In regards to your query please note that if you want to make any reservation with Goibibo.com You have to use a Credit card or debit card which is issued in India itself. In case you have any further queries feel free to write to us. Thanks and Regards Goibibo Team

MAstercard should be used internationally. And in this case, why it only limited to India-released credit card only?How about people from far away want to make a booking?

Is there any solution? Im sure the company doesnt want to lose opportunity

Highly inconvenient - you cannot use international card !! Common this is 21st century !!

any solution guys i want to book urgently flight ticket for India and i'm holding international debit card 

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