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go cash querry

I would like to book 4 individual flights from delhi to mumbai as m gettin 2500 gocash cashback per flight.. so i jst want to ask whether i can book all 4 flight frm my goibibo accnt so dat i can get d gocash cashback in my Accnt only... Nd can i use my email id only fr all 4 passengers so iy wll b easy fr me to get der e tickets...
Plsss reply soon as ds offer ends tommorow only..
Thnk u

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How many times can the GoCash be used in a single day? I want to book three different flights. Can I use my GoCash in each transaction ?

Thank You

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I want to transfer gocash amt in my paytam account is it possible or not if then how

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Gocash cannot be transferred to Paytm. Thanks

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Hello I am used to cash but don't idea why to use I am calling gocare center but . Is call me ,add to mobile nbr with bukke., Why bukke, No idea what is bukke, Plz help me
Transfer gocash money in my no. 7284064603

Would request you to please drop us an email at management@goibibo.com Thanks

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