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Can I cancel 3 passengers and leave 1 passenger on the ticket


I have booked a ticket from hyderbad to Dubai PNR: J66CK. Can you please let me know if I can cancel 3 passengers out of the 4 and also whqat will be th erefund I receive

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I want to reschedule one passenger out of three for  my flight LB696 onth March, (PNR no.02RCWO Banluru to jaipur 

Please login from "sign In" link at the top right corner of page.

You will be directed to your profile page where you can enter your booking ref id/PNR.

you will get a list of tickets and link to cancel the tickets.

Once you click cancel, verification code will be sent to mobile number which was used for booking the tickets.

A new window will open where you can select the passenger for whom you want to cancel the ticket.

Hope you can take forward from there.

There is a good demo available on your profile page when you login.

Thanks. :)

I have booked tickets krishanrajpuram to gulbarga 3 passenger refunde amount 1254 rupee
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