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Wrong recording of booking dates by goibibo - complaint registration no. 24015040

On 12.7.18 I booked 2 individual tickets in Air India Travels bus through you for a journey on 02.8.18 from Coimbatore to Ramanathapuram . Ticket fare was 400 + 400. But, when I received the messages I was shocked to see that the journey date was 12.7.18 ie the date of booking itself for both bookings. Immediately I complained to you vide No. 24015040. I requested for an enquiry and refund of whole amount as the mistake was from your side. But so far I have not received any reply. Today on 16.7.18, I retried my luck by booking a ticket for the journey on 02.8.18. But this time I was lucky to notice the wrong date of journey fixed by your system ( 16.7.18 ie the date of booking itself ) before completion of payment. Now it is evident that this was the mistake committed from your side only. Therefore, it is requested that the amount collected from me on 12.7.18 , 400 + 400 may please be refunded in whole.

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We would love to assist you, however, we request you to write to us at





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