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Missed connecting flight because of first flight delay and paid extra

Dear Sir, My name is Sandeep and I had booked a ticket for self and spouse to travel from Bangalore to Leh via Delhi, allowing a cool 4+ plus hours of transit time. Please find attached copy of original ticket where the first sector from Bangalore to Delhi is by 6E 2289 on 02/05/2018. We took off on the said flight which did not land in Delhi due to reasons unknown to us and we understood that we had to land at Jaipur. By the time we were rerouted and reached Delhi, our connecting flight to Leh had departed. We were left with no option but to book ourselves again in the next available flight buying a fresh ticket. Please find attached copy of fresh ticket and boarding pass. Now, we had to undergo this suffering of traveling for extended hours to some location not chosen by us and had to reach our destined location after the departure of our planned flight. This has caused severe physical and mental agony due to no fault of ours. Though you will not be able to repay the time wasted on account of this, the least you can do is to pay the cost of the new ticket purchased, i.e. an amount of INR 6500 Please credit the money thru our goibibo account. We hope passengers are not put thru such mental agony in future due to negligence and lack of apathy.
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Kindly drop us email at management@goibibo.com. Thanks

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