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No one reply on mail

Dear Donna,

As per your mail you are saying that we was late at boarding point. But you can see my flight ticket which PNR i have share to you My flight time was 22.15 and we rich to airport at 21.27. we was almost. 48 minutes before at boarding point. Your counter office staff was doing timepass among with them self, i was saying them that please give bording pass, after doing 2-3 minutes they took my ticket and check in system, then that person told sir you are late we cant provide you the bording pass. i have even told him i was on time but you all are doing timepass because of that you are saying i m late. 

He told now its already 21.31 i cant issue you the bording pass. i was requesting him, even i have went to airport officer to do request but no one support me. your counter office staff was so arrogant they do not have manners to talk with customer also, i was asking them give me your manager number i will conveyance him let me atlist talk with him, but all of them was saying i m the manager.

No support i got from your staff, i was support to rich airpot before 1 hour only but because we met with small ascendant we was late. I m really very upset with your service.

Then we took next flight next day morning at 6 am my mom, my sis and my self we spend full night at airport and we send 8000 per seat for next flight.

So please give me full amount refund of my ticket or will go to court. 

Booking Id: NG8V79Z2J

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