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about not receiving the tickets

I am Dr.Vaidya I have booked three tickets online for a bus journey from Pune to Indore My bank confirms that goibibo has received the amount but the automated system declines it After a lot of attempts, I contacted one supposedly Mr.Rahul a goibibo customer care person on phone This person after confirming that the amount is received but the bookings are NOT done spoke about refund and asked for atm details fir the refund. He was insistent on knowing the cvv also which is not supposed to be shared Now my cincerns are what about the money, the tickets and how does one trust such a company or customer care guy Can I request for answers ? Cell num 09822376169

That is something that we do not entertain. We are an online booking platform and do not deal with customer card/account details for security reasons. Please do share the phone no from which you received the call over email to management@goibibo.com. 


I have faced the same problem
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