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My Booking Number:-HTLC9STKMY was cancelled from your executives Miss. Kushbu

My Booking Number:-HTLC9STKMY was cancelled from your executives Miss. Kushbu as without any intimation or any phonic conversation of cancellation. The Company of your's has all the call recorded with the customer. Kindly proof me with whom permission was the Booking Cancelled. My Brother is at the Hotel White FORT,Deira for the Check In. This cannot be cancelled as per your terms & Condition which mentions as per your Policy. I want you to Re-Confirm the booking right now.

This is your mistake and you executive and has done the cancellation. The Passenger was for an International Tour its not easy to contact them. Go-Ibibo is a huge industry and 1 in a million. I did not expect this ridiculous mistake which causes your company services. The Booking was confirmed and your executive just to get a High end pay for the hotel. 

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We love to help you, would request you to please drop us an email at management@goibibo.com. Thanks

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