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Cancelling a hotel booking

Cancel hotel booking

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We would love to help you, kindly share your details at management@goibibo.com. Thanks

cancel my booking

Please reach out to us at management@goibibo.com. Thanks 

Hi Team,

I am a regular and frequent  customer of goibino.but today i am facing  a big problem where no one is helping me from goibibo though i have already raised a complain and called 7 8 times to the customer care.i have booked a hotel for 4 days through goibibo but due to some medical emergency i want to cancel it.but it should be cancel from goibibo before tomorrow 12 noon so that i can get back some of my amount.though i have raised complain (complain id Goibibo - 23568518) no one is updating me regarding this . and the most sorrowful fact is whenever i am calling their customercare care regarding this they are putting my call in hold and not retrieving it atall.so sad i am.This not really a unprofessional attitude from goibibo to their customer. I am very much disappointed with this.

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