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Name-Surname Issues


How to fill a South Indian name, while booking a domestic air ticket in India. For my case, my name is B. Suraj, where Suraj is my first name and B stands for my father's name. In all my official ID proofs, I have my name as B. Suraj only, except for Passport, where it is expanded to Suraj Balasubramanian (as per passport rules). I have 2 questions with regards to GoIbibo and others in the forum that,

1. While booking an Air ticket and assuming I dont carry passport every time in the same country, can I book my tickets as Suraj B and show any other ID's? Since Goibibo doesn't allow single character to be taken for the name expansion part, will it be considered as a legal document where my name is written as B. Suraj

2. In case of domestic hotel booking last time around, I had to fill my name as Suraj Balasubramanian ( since single characters arent allowed), thankfully the hotel receptionist got clarified and didn't raise any issues and was understanding. But will this thing continue in all hotels across the country?

These are two aspects that raises confusion while booking hotel's online, having said, there must be a solution to this complicated issue of not allowing to book with the single character surname abbreviations. Thanks in Advance

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No last name how I booked air tickets

No last name how I booked air tickets

Didn't the airline company or the security guards raise a question?

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