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A horrible experience with a booking from Gorakhpur to Delhi - Indian Airline

Hi, I had a booking from Gorakhpur to Delhi by Indian Airline & then Delhi Bangalore by Jet Airwaus which I booked through Go Ibibo 5 months ago for my brothers marriage. Todau I recieve a cancellation of Air India flight. There is no other flight which runs between Gorakhpur to Delhi & hence Go Ibibo can not book. Now there is no alternative for me other than cancelling the Delhi Bangalore flight. To my surprise that I have to pay more than my ticket fare if I have to cancel. What is go Ibibos policy in such cases. I have been using Go Ibibo for so many years & this is one of my bad experience which I am victimised for no fault of mine.  I know now a policy will be shown that it is ther in one tab & hence I need to pay ( we are not responsible for multiple carrier). I my opinion you should go back to Air India & ask for penalty. Regards Sumandra, 9845721985

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Oh! We deeply regret that you had this experience, can you please all of the details at management@goibibo.com and we'll look into this right away.


Team Goibibo

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