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passenger name correction in flight ticket

I ha e booked flight ticket for 4 person. But by-mistake 1 person surname put wrong. Like...name is 'sumit hans'. But put 'sunit kumar' what should i do?

You may reach out to us at management@goibibo.com and we'll surely help you asap.



I booked the flight 

Mr Vishnubhai V Desai

Mrs Shilpaben V Desai

Correction only last name

Only chanes last name 

Mr Vishnubhai V Rabari

Mrs Shilpaben V Rabari

Booking ID: GOMUPKG297FD13697195

pl how can change last name



My passport name is- Doungel Siehjalam

My ticket name is- Siehjalam Doungel

Will there be any problem? please help.

thank you

At the time of booking I am mentioned passenger name is K Rama Krishna but in e ticket name Mr Krishna Rama k . Ticket no-2282681752926
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