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booking id GOPKGINTc5e2f0922508/TUAP32N4Q

Dear Sir/Madam

This is to inform you as to why i have two booking ids

I do not want any mistakes when i have to start my holiday

Also the times i printed for the holiday does not have am/pm this is not how you send the details to print all should be done properly 

I got a timing of 09.55 to me is it morning or evening arriving 18.00 is it am/pm this might be a stupid question but if mistakes are made are you responsible for this 

Send me a print outs with proper timings am/ pm shown as what i have printed does not give me proper details of flights 

Reply to my e-mail asap apache61hg@gmail.com

Thanking you

Henry Bird

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Please note that the timings mentioned in the e-ticket and voucher are in 24 hour format. Thanks 

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