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Poor Service

I am experiencing very poor service from GOIBIBO. I have been a customer for few years now and it seems the service is going downhill.

I have booked Air India Tickers through Goibibo and there has been a change of flight timings on Air India, therefore I cannot access/print my e-ticket on Air India site because it says ticket needs re-validation or exchange.

It's been 4 days and 3 requests and GOIBIBO has not done anything, except sending me messages "YIPPEE YOUR CONCERN HAS BEEN RESOLVED". This type of service has made me think of stopping any further business.

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they did the same with me!! booked an hotel.. got extremely bad service and they write " Hey!! We have talked to customer" then what>?? did Nothing!! Cheap Service!! Poor customer care!!


3 times escalation and still no resolution for a trivial matter. About time to ditch after being loyal for more than 9 years.....

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