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Hygine Awareness At Dinner Halts of Buses

I am writing this because I feel this place is relevant and is created for some action. What I and many of the travelling customers noticed is that the buses halt at hotels which have dirty toilets. They are not even cleaned regularly. They charge a lot for the food anyway, so what is the problem to appoint a cleaning staff? As it is the food served is not at all good. And on top they charge double rates for all the food items. Like coldrink bottles of 25 rupees will be for 30 rupees etc. Men can go to toilet easily, but for ladies it's a serious problem more than man. Dirty toilets can cause serious hygine issues. And it stinks like hell. There are several examples like Hotel Sai Prasad where buses like National, Mansi, Krishna Varun, Atmaram stop for dinner. I have attached the picture of toilet of Hotel Sai Prasad. Hotel Viva Goa Konkan I guess, is very good and clean very good example. I hope some action can be taken against the dirty non hygienic hotels. Each of the hotels must appoint a cleaning staff to clean the toilets regularly every 2 hours and the taps inside the toilets should be repaired and the water does not work.
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