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Bali Crisis


Need your Urgent Attention for below concern.

We have abroad flight booking for Bali with Airasia on 14th dec and return on 23rd dec.

As we all know about ongoing crisis at Bali, what are the chances of tickets cancellation as we don't want risk it any way.

Its our honeymoon trip and even we are very upset about this cancellation.

Our tickets are non refundable and we also took insurance for the same.

All are saying everything will be fine till than but as per weather check ASHES are spreaded all over.

Would you like to risk our life ? there is no courtesy for us ? it natural disaster so in this condition still Goibibo will stick to airline rules ? Airline will flew us there and leave but what about safety ?

Please help us with cancellation and refunds its and honest request.

My Wife Nidhi Shah is Asthma Patient and if want will provide all necessary medical documents for the same.

Taking her to Bali where ashes are everywhere would be too risky for asthma patient.

I trust you guys will sort it out well and help in positive way.

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