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GST invoice

GOIBIBO has been issuing Tax Invoice with zero GST mentioned ,however the clients are being charged for it while booking . The hotels doesn't give tax invoice to clients and instead raise it on Goibibo. Now the clients registered in GST don't get the input credit as GoIBIBO fail to give them the breakup of tax and instead raise zero tax invoice whereas they take the credit of the tax that actually the client has paid. So it's double profit for them at the cost of client and the client is cheated of his right to claim the input credit. My point is how do we get our legal right to claim as per the rules of the land .can anyone suggest pls. I have lots of documentary evidences of the above with me .

Please share your elaborated concern along with the booking id at management@goibibo.com. Thanks 

Were you able to resolve this? I have the same issue.

You may write to us at management@goibibo and we'll try to resolve it asap.


Team Goibibo

How to generate the invoice for my previous booking. Kindly let me know the process.

Please write to us at management@goibibo.com. Thanks 

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