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Regarding Cheapest Quotation

Dear Sir/Mam,
                    As you know, many times i booked the international flight through your travel agency. Once again i need your help.
Please arrange the Cheapest Quotation of my family in Ethiopian Airlines. So that i will book the tickets as soon as possible.
Your prompt response will be appreciative.
Family details are following:-

1. Tahseen Bano(Date of Birth-01 July1987).                  Passport No. M6491483
2. Tazeen Rizwan(Date of Birth-02 Oct.2009).                 Passport No. M7331010
3. Riffat Rizwan(Date of Birth-29 Dec.2011).                    Passport No. M7332017

Departure:- Gaborone(15:00 Hrs) to Mumbai(07:15 Hrs) dated 1st Feb.2018 (Thursday)
Returning:- Mumbai(05:25 Hrs) to Gaborone(14:15 Hrs) dated 18th Mar.2018 (Sunday).

If you having any doubts, feel free to call any times.

Warm Regards,

Rizwan Ahmad
Steag Energy Services(Botswana)

" Energy is Life- Conserve it."
" Save Energy for Self and Nation"
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We will connect with you on this shortly. Thanks

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