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complete refund not received


I had booked my ticket to Canada from Goibibo.. I was suggested two option and i selected one option which route me through USA. Chicago was the transit airport and i had connecting flight from same airport.

On the date of Boarding, i was denied to board the flight because my family didnot have US visa. 

I had to cancel my ticket on last minute and had to rebook new ticket for next day.  This caused me lot of trouble and mental stressed. I had called the Goibibo customer care and cancelled the ticket.

Everything was perfect , the booking, customer care. But because i was not told that US transit require visa, this impacted my overall trip. I am expecting the Goibibo to refund complete amount (if not compensating for the inconvenience). 

Let me know if we have some disagreement so i can take legal and consumer court route.

my PNR


and  PNRQRBU2I for ORD to YYZ.

I will wait till friday for refund or respond and then will start the process.


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Please write to us at management@goibibo.com for assistance. Thanks 

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