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Refund awaited since last 20 days

Hello Sir/Mam

I am a very loyal customer of ibibo but since last 20 days I have been reaching out to you, but always got the update that you are working on it.

My case is mistakenly your app has booked a duplicate ticket on which the transaction got cancelled (booking id :- AMDSIWMD3). 


So I called you up guys and asked to cancel the ticket and give me the whole refund as this was the bug from your end. So after 8 days of conversation you people cancelled the ticket and started the conversation with Qatar airlines.

Its been 20 days I have not got my money back, sir I understand your processes and limitations but I am in really need of my money so please please please can you look in to this and get my whole money back.

It will be of great help to me.

Thanks and Regards

Shobhit srivastava

mail id :- aimshobhit@gmail.com

mobile number:- +91 9561 088 661

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