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Please verify Tie up with the Hotels

I have been using Goibiob since years for the booking hotel and most of the time you guys really made me happy by your work,

but this time it was a really bad experience for me, I understand sometimes things happen in hospitality. and I ignore them because it really hard to maintain 100%, but I guess this time you guys really dint bothered to even verify that with whom you are tied up.

Swaraj The Goan Dream, Goa we found we add the filter as well that we all four were looking the swimming pool breakfast and the WIFI,  and we got the Swaraj listed there please go through our experience which you asked.

Service; When we entered the room the bed sheets weren't clean and neither bathroom, I asked them to change the bedsheet and the cover for the blanket, the service boy agreed to change the bed sheet only if we will promise that we will not climb on the bed sheet and. we want 

Swimming pool:- They have pretty good images of swimming pool you guys should have to check it once the type of pool they are having as amenities. It's more like making fool, it a kind of tank they calling swimming pool please correct them,

Breakfast: The day we check in 4 sep 2017 (Stay was For the one day) they  said they can provide any type of food for like 24 by 7, then when we said our breakfast is included in the package, they said 

only bread butter and in veg and omelet in nonveg as breakfast, then next day we ask for the given option breakfast as we just wanted to have tea before leaving, they said there breakfast was for yesterday 4 Sep 2017 while check in timing was 12 PM and not for the  5 Sep 2017. so they can not provide it for today.

WIFI: They said that they have wifi only on the first floor while we were staying at 2nd floor, so they asked that we can go to down stairs if we want to use wifi, then when we said it not possible for going down and coming up then they arranged some other hotel wifi password(I Don't know how they did it)  but yes they arranged the other hotel wifi which range was reaching to our room, unethical i Guess.

GPS location: it was hard to find them via google listing as the listing was not correct, well that happens but the tricky part was when we reached to hotel and we asked them your location was not correct shall we suggest google the right location, they said not to do as they only put the wrong location purposely,

now Goibiob team you only find out why they have done this but it's annoying that people are just going round and round to get that location, then their guy contact us and ask us to reach some point then they come to pick us , I mean why all this when we are capable to go by our self,

guys this hotel really gave a horrible experience to me,

you guys will lose the users if you don't take such issue seriously

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Please write to us at management@goibibo.com. Thanks 

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