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How can I get GST invoice for my business trip?

I'm planning to book hotel for my business trip. As per company norms I need an invoice with GSTIN of the Hotel along with my company's GSTIN for me to claim the amount.

How can I book a room on behalf of my company?

Will I get the invoice from Goibibo or the hotel?

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I have done some bookings for which is require tax invoice with GST details in the invoice

how do i get it

pls revert

Please note that post the booking, you may collect your invoice with the hotel. For more details, feel free to reach out to us at management@goibibo.com.


Team Goibibo

I haven't received any GSTN Invoice for my recent bookings in business category. Retards, KAMLESH GAJJAR

what is goibibo GST No. 

We need that number for sales tax return

What is your Goibibo GST Number.

I need that number for sales tax return

In tax invoice issued. GST is not mentioned. So can we get credit of the same..?

what is your GST number, need to claim


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