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Add GSTIN number column in booking page

Dear Sir / Madam,

Plz add GSTIN column while booking from goibibo site. As it is necessary to give GSTIN number, so plz add one column where GSTIN details can be filled while our booking.

We have added the option for flight bookings but same is not currently available for hotels. Hotel will provide the invoice with the details from their end. Thanks 

Why GSTIN pin is not allowed, you are not getting any benefit you are paying GSTIN why can't we reimburse it.

Please note that we'll share an update with you once the same will be implemented. Thanks

Goibibo you are not able to support businesses in terms of GSTin number updation. 

You updated your app on 25 july 17. but still you say no to for support for bills raised before 25 July.

Govt. taking taxes from 1st july. Means i have no way to say that i paid this tax to this hotel.


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While travelling for the Company's work, I need to Present company's GSTIN Hotel stay bill for the reimbursement. Can GOIBIBO do the same?

Please provide the GSTIN number for flight bookings. Invoice provided by Goibibo does not have the number.


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