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E ticket mail

Dear Guest, Your PNR is PMNISD for flight I51720 on Thu, 06 Jul from BLR to JAI at 0620. Your ticket: http://go.ibi.bo/e/CcARIA1MwE. Now your friends and family can track your upcoming flight I51720 on the go. Click http://go.ibi.bo/e/WVTwWC1MwE and enter phone numbers to goTrackNow! To Know real time flight status click http://go.ibi.bo/W1ad/MK1vuG1MwET&C Apply at http://go.ibi.bo/e/eIkPPNHDZD
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Hi, we would humbly request you to share your elaborated concern at managament@goibibo.com in case you have any concern. Thanks 

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