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Fare discrepency between goibibo and airline

Today at 11.30 AM I booked two Air India tickets on SXR-DEL sector for 26.09.2017 vide PNR HEV84 and was charged at Rs.2747/= + Con. charges per ticket. Immediately after booking I opened Air India website and was surprised to note the fare for the same flight on the same date as Rs.2542/= + Con. charges. I called your customer care and informed her about the discrepency and also requested her to open both the websites of Gibibo and AirIndia simultaneously and see for herself the difference in the quoted fares. She was courteous enough to do the same and informed me that my grievance will be passed on to the authorities and resolved within the next 24 hours. I am an old customer of yours and, therefore, request you to look into the matter and refund the extra fare of Rs.410/= charged on my tickets at Rs.205/= per ticket at your earliest.


Zahoor Ahmed Koul


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Kindly note that as mentioned in the T&C agreed to by the customer at the time of booking, the final cost includes the Goibibo service fees and convenience charges. Still, kindly share the screenshots for the fare difference over email to management@goibibo.com for us to look into the same.


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