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Money not refunded.

I cancelled a ticket in 2013 and till now its not refunded. You told me that it's already refunded but i didn't got the money back into my account. I provided my bank statement to proof it. But goibibo kept on neglecting me. I provided what you wanted but why are you not refunding my money. I was one of your earliest user but you cheated me.

Date of booking- 13th of March 2013

Travel date- 20th of June (Imphal to New Delhi)


Phone Number-+918130786331

Email address- charuchandra60@gmail.com

Passenger name- Phurailatpam Hemantakumar

Files attached- 1.Refund Statement from Goibibo

2.My bank statement from 1st march to 2nd september 2013

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Please write to us at management@goibibo.com. Thanks

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