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Hi Goibibo team,

This is regarding refund of my booking (refer below email)

You have been holding my money since April 12 without confirming my booking. 

Today I came to know that refund failed at your end on 17th itself. And till now you are holding my money..

Please answer my below questions:

1.) Why in website you were allowing the booking for flight where we don't have seats?

2.) Why did you debit my booking amount of INR 5398 from my account without confirming my booking. And why didn't you debit or refund automatically as soon as booking or the same day if booking not confirmed. (This is against rules.)

3.) On 17th when the refund failed at your side why didn't you, inform me and why didn't you refund it again? 

4.) When i called on 25th stating i didn't receive my amount yet, Why didn't customer care ifnored to check and do the needy , Instead made false statement that i'll receive in 2 to 3 days?

5.) Today on April 30th when i called , why did Customer care gave false statement, telling due to bank holidays transaction didn't happen.

6.) Today also why are you incapable of crediting the amount back to my bank by today? when you are capable to debit the amount.? (Where in term and conditions have you stated that you will delay by 17 days or more. show me that)

I'm frustrated. I already digested for past 17 days, your Goibibo has spoiled my time and mind. I want my money with interest rates, to be debited back to my account by today.

I giving you 1 full working day. 

Please reply back and debit my amount within today's .

Thanks & regard

Subathra B

Dear Sir/Madam,


I booked the room in Chandigarh and Delhi for 6 to 8 May and 8 to 9 May respectively. At the time of booking i mentioned the 2 adults and 2 childrens. But when i check in above mentioned places the property does not show the 2 adults and 2 childrens. So that i suffers at the time of staying. The property dosent allows me the particular room as per my booking. And also dose not the amount which i paid to you. There is also creating the problem.

And also i suffer the AC problem in Delhi. AC is not working.

So please compensate me. beacuse i can’t sleep well in both places.

Thanking you

Sagar Chavan

Mob no. 9421906907

Booking ID of Chandigarh- 0031771085

Booking ID of Delhi- 0031774863 

Please write to us at management@goibibo.com. Thanks 

Dear Sir,

         I am bus ticket booked in 14 may coimbatore to tirunelveli , my booking date is 11 May 2018, some personal problem i cancelled my booking in 11 may. your app is show that your amount refund in within 7 days in your card, but still now not receive in my money, so refund my  amount  to my account immediately, f

Write to us on management@goibibo.com

Dear Recipient,

On 10th April 2018, we booked this flight ticket [Booking ID : NG8X9WWJT], starting from the same evening we had called more than 10 times, but everytime the executive at the other end has no proper answer to our problem. Since last 20 days they were saying the matter is with the DELIGHT Team... We are clueless what this delight team is all about? They never took the pain to call back, although they had repeatedly said they will call back.

Executives by the names - Amrit & Pooja are most indecent and bogus executives kept at your end! Every time been promised to call back, never did they did that. How bogus is the system at your end, it must be technical flaw at your end, because of which we are suffering - neither any solution they had yet come up with!

Some point in time, received an email stating, we need to bear the 4845 INR and the ticket will get cancelled. Was this the solution to this? We had already taken Zero Cancellation protection - based on that this was been stated, but why shall we even bear this much? Primarily, we are loosing at two ends : One - If this ticket is not changed from Ahmedabad to Kolkata instead of Kol-Ahm, then the prices of tickets which already shooted up very heavily // we have to bear the difference & also we are loosing this above mentioned amount. Second - the amount of 25k is been occupied for last 40 odd days...

This lady called Pooja, gave a hope that by paying 1600/- INR the ticket will get converted into Ahmedabad to Kolkata on the same date. Why did she promised that? When things didn't happened yet in the customers favor.

This gentleman called Amrit, kept the call on hold & mute but didn't disconnected for 45 Mins - without transferring the call to his manager / superior. Height of indecency at Goibibo's part.

Now that, its almost 40 days Plus with the booking we want a solution within next 24 Hours.

Expecting earliest solution from your end. Thanking you in anticipation.


Ankur Verma


i am booking ticket via  goibibo thrir are some confusion about booking ticket on your website their are shown cancalltion policy but charge of airline company are written NOT ALLOWED what are the meaning of  for it any i my trying to call your customer care but they dont have pickup for new customer so what should i do for it and provide customer care number for new customer  

Please reach out to us at management@goibibo.com Thanks

I have booked 4 days room at The grand hotel boutique delhi, when i reached they told me that they are not accepting goibibo bookings.i was forced to cancell my bookings since i was not able to talk to customer after several hours of calling.

goibibo deducted almost 5000 rs from the money which i paid-My booking id is:HTLJD8WMZ3.

I will never book through goibibo in future.

Dear Team,

it has been more than 60 days i am seeing in my account " REFUND UNDER PROCESS".




i am very disappointed with goibibo services i have booked all my flights from goibibo but while traveling from airasia flight from kolkata to bangkok they charged me 5000/- rupees for the baggage but while booking my tickets from goibibo its mention there that 20 kgs per person is allowed i am attaching tickets also in which it is clearly mentioned that 20kgs baggage is allowed.....i tried calling so many times at your customer care center but no one replied so now i want you to inquire about this matter and  try to refund my money as soon as possible and i wish you look into this matter closely and wont allow me to take any legal action against you.contact number-9999617321

(68 KB)
I'm booked flight ticket half hr back but did not get ticket and PNR as of now. Please ensure to refund the whole amount of booking immediately.
Im booked flight ticket from mumbai to trivandrum half an hour back but did not get ticket and PNR as of now. But money has credited from my account. Please refund the whole amount of booking immediately in my account. I didnt want ticket

Dear Sirs

I had booked 2 rooms for 2  guests from Bangladesh at Hotel Park Palace , Gariahat , Kolkata vide Booking ID: HTLU69ZQZG . The guests upon reaching hotel on 10.5 at 14.00 hrs found that the rooms are at 3rd floor and there is no lift as the lift was getting replaced and will take 3-4 days .. They had come for medical treatment and one of them had artharitis and it was not possible for them to climb stairs. The hotel front desk was also encouraging us to cancel the booking as it was becoming difficult for them to serve customers without the lift. Under those circumstances we contacted Goibibo help desk number and they advised us to cancel the booking. It was a non refundable booking but still we did thinking there must be some internal process by which you will refund our money. But till date nothing has happened and we are getting no assurance from the help desk how to resolve it. Request the Goibibo management to look into this seriously and refund our money back. We shall be forced to take legal action in case it is not resolved within next 7 days time..  

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