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Domestic Multi city booking flight


I would like to suggest please add option multi city booking for domestic flights. it is very difficulty to book for multicity.


P.Naveen Kumar Reddy,


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We appreciate your feedback and same is noted. As of now, multi city option is only available for international sectors.


Go care Team

Hi is the domestic multi city option still not available? its very inconvenient without that option

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In app one option adding how much time these team required I don't understand. 7 months has completed still not added multi city option for Domestic flights. While I am booking my multi city I am going to another app like make my trip and clear trip, goibibo team didn't understanding the seriousness they are loosing important customers. I hope my wish will come true soon. Regards, P. Naveen Kumar Reddy.

We have taken feedback for further review, however, such option is not available as of now. We appreciate your understanding. 

Its available in every other site. Its available for international. So why not fr domestic?

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