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Do not trust Goibibo

I booked a ticket from Chennai to Delhi.My son fell sick and I had to prepone journey.I cancelled my Spicejet ticket KFUU7B and they refunded money to goibibo.Till date there is no refund or communication from this company.I have contacted higher authorities and soon file a case in Consumer Court.NEVER TRUST GOIBIBO

PLEASE DON't TRUST or never book through these fraud people. I booked a hotel from my friend's number - 9597979999 to stay in Chennai Clarion Hotel on 6th June for 4000INR. My booking ID is HTLTRF6K5J . The hotel cancelled the booking by themselves since I didn't carry my luggage to stay and I had to search for another stay after reaching there. It was hard first of all. I called goibibo immediately and there was no response.They just put me on hold and after 30 minutes I was told that goibibo can't do anything right now and they had to talk to the hotel and make any decision. The hotel told that they will refund to goibibo and I have to get the refund only from Goibibo. I called daily for 5 days and as usual I have to wait on hold and they will tell that they are still discussing this with the hotel. I lost my temper after 5 days and went back to the hotel and asked what happened. They told that they didn't even get a single mail from the goibibo regarding this and the manager even showed his call history and the mail box. I called immediately to your support and asked them to talk to the manager. They spoke and finally concluded that Goibibo didn't even reach the hotel for the 5 days in spite of me being called daily asking for the updates. I looked like a fool to you guys. I was promised by you guys that I will surely get the refund on Monday since everything is sorted out that day when I was in the hotel. If i have to travel back to hotel and sort my own things, why are you people even working ? This is a shame. But even after all my hard work to get my money back from you people, i didn't even get a single call still. You are trying to loot my money which i didn't even use to stay. Mark my words, If i don't get my money or a proper response at least, I'm sure I'm gonna post in all the forums, blogs of yours, and your competitor websites like hotels.com, booking.com, makemytrip etc and and many more places and make sure that the rating goes down for you and no booking happens to you ever after.

You can share your issue at managment@goibibo.com, same will be checked properly.


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