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Booking issue (wrong recommendation by goibibo)



I booked a hotel (Booking Id: HTL8GZ5LQ4) for 3 adults and 1 child and goibibo suggest me 1 room for all fours


When my family reached to hotel and in hotel there were only 2 single beds and very less space.


When I talk to hotel guys they said this is for only 2 persons.


And then when I talk to goibibo support, they said sir we will ask hotel to adjust one more bed in that room (I did not booked hotel for adjustment).

And goibibo is unable to resolve my concerns, your support guys just want to close the ticket only.


Goibibo support team said you please talk to hotel and hotel said sir we cannot do much in this as you booked hotel from goibibo.


I sent my family to Bombay for trip but they face lot of humiliation.


Why you people in your advertisement say just book a hotel from our website, we are giving you awesome recommendation. Seems you guys are cheating.


Your support is also very bad. I asked him to raise my complaint but he denies doing so.


Why I am so upset, because I paid so much and you guys did a mistake and you guys are deny to help me out and my family (my wife, mother in law and my sons) face lot of trouble.



I will make sure I will not book anything from goibibo and also I will make sure, nobody from my family will do any booking from goibibo.


I will also do continuous -ve feedback for goibibo on social media to because I am too upset.




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