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Email id to contact customer support

What is the email id to contact customer support?

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Kindly note you may write to us via our website following the below link post login in with your account.




Attached please find the flight ticket of my daughter (B Tech final year student), from Guwahati to Bhubaneswar which is self explanatory on the subject.The ticket was booked for the morning flight from Guwahati to enable her reach Bhubaneswar in the afternoon to attend an important seminar on 23/01/2018.


In this connection, sudden rescheduling of flight by Jet Airways was a threat to her boarding Indigo flight from Kolkata. Both Jet Airways and Indigo personnel on duty confirmed that in the present scenario she will not be able to catch Indigo flight No. 6E512 from Kolkata. She was in a great shock over the development as Boarding Pass was already issued and in no way we could discuss our next step of action. I contacted the personnel on duty at the Jet Airways counter in the airport and detailed him the development. The gentleman called my daughter over my phone and advised to reach their counter. The Indigo personnel at the reservation counter was also contacted and after prolonged discussion they agreed to cancel the existing Indigo ticket and booked her in flight no. 6E3869 and PNR JKV3NB scheduled to fly on 1925 hrs with additional payment of Rs 549.00.


This type of sudden rescheduling of flight without any alternative arrangement is a punishment both mentally and physically to the passenger. In order to avail the morning flight we had to leave for  airport on 0620 hours and her flight landed at Bhubaneswar by 2030 hrs. 


While remaining on the subject, I would like to draw you attention that total cost of morning flight was very much higher than the afternoon one. In this process, we have paid more but without any benefit. Further, she had to pay extra in the Indigo counter.


It is rather frustrating that even after couple of days, none from you did not express your feelings to your passenger. It is true that such rescheduling of flights may happen but it is the duty of airliner/agency to chalk out contingency plan especially for those passengers who are on the verge of missing the connecting flight.  Since you are also party to it, should you not share your responsibilities in such situations ? 




Sushanta Hoom Choudhury



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Would request you to please drop us an email at management@goibibo.com. Thanks 

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