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Feedback Survey - [#11101200] Int Flights - Amendment (Rescheduling) - Fees / Charges

I had some issues with AIRASIA and tried to contact them but I am unable to contact from Saudi Arabia since it was toll free and I am much worried as to how to contact, I diallled GOIBIBO  first call dropped and second call went to SHAMSEER thank god he answered me and solved my queries and he fought with AIR ASIA for me and responded me on time and did a great job so that my wife can fly hassle free.

SHAMSEER did a great job and he should get appraise this time and All supervisors and CEO of GOIBIBO i am very thankful to SHAMSEER and please do note him and he should be give good position in GOIBIBO..

Shamseer I personally thank you for your help

God Bless


Mari Manikandan.P



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