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Mistake proofing of the website for selecting kids age

Hi Goibibo,

T think it is better to redesign your web site for selecting or adding guests section. I see that there is a flaw in your website when you select the kids. Children are defined from age 2 to 12 years. (Infants are 0-2 years). But once you select number of children, there is one more select box pops up which has age selection of 1 to 12 years. A person can actually miss selecting the age and the defualt age will be 1 year (which is an infant age). So the pop up should have selection only from 2 to 12 years (not 1-12 years). I had made this mistake, (even it shows as 3 guests) and Hotel personnel will en-cash my mistake by taking extra money. As a website you should do this mistake proofing so that this situation does not arise.


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