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GOIBIBO Confirms but hotel refuse the booking

I have booked a hotel room in Ooty for next weekend on 29th April, i got the confirmation from Goibibo but it has cancelled from hotel end. This i came to know after so many follow ups with Goibibo and Hotel itself. Since i spent so much time on hotel comparison on various web sites even entire Sunday. End of the day this has been told me that your booking is not confirmed at hotel end. Moreover, now i am checking the hotel that i short listed with this one, all are packed now. I would simply appreciate to arrange a similar hotel booking near Ooty Lake, so that i can trust on Goibibo atleast in future. Thanks, Vijendra Kumar 9810921178

We would love to look into the concern, but would request you to kindly share your booking id over email to management@goibibo.com for us to go through the case history first.


I am having the same issue.Still go ibibo response is awaited


Please advise if we can assist.


Go Care Team

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