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Fraud Company! cheats on face under FPH program

As per my experience, this is the worst service company who cheats people on the face!

If I see the way events have taken place:

1. I booked my ticket on 5th April. I was booking flights only when automatically the website started giving me options for hotels as well with some offers. I booked hotel alongside flight as I thought why to wonder on different websites & this was the biggest mistake I have done in my life. Because  hey, since you booked hotels alongside flight, now you are covered under different program where GoIbibo is allowed to cheat people by putting a shitty cancellation policy.

2. I tried to cancel the tickets on 11th April, well 3 days in advance from my first flight and to my surprise, neither my flight was cancelled nor any amount was refunded back to me. Salute Guys, you have mastered the act of resolving customer queries without doing anything.

If you have guts then please put the cancellation process of FPH program online rather than making us call your shitty customer care service and spend more money and time. I was told that you will escalate the issue first to Management, then to customer dispute team. And what I have received at the end is an email saying the same old thing that we cannot refund the amount.

The bottom line is I was unhappy with the refund amount under FPH, when the flight tickets were refundable. You cannot justify a refund of Rs. 850 when the actual amount paid was more than Rs. 17000.

And even after clearly stating that I want to cancel the trip and I am unhappy with the refund, neither the trip was cancelled nor any amount (Not even Rs 850) was refunded back.

What a service guys!!! Kudos! 

I'll try my best to spread the word so that everyone is aware of your of your shitty rules and avoid GoIbibo in future.

Check this website to see more such complaints of your shitty service....Such a fraud company you are.


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Kindly be apprised that the refund for FPH package are as per the T&C agreed to by the customer at the time of booking. Still, we would like to look into the case history, hence request you to kindly share the booking details over email to management@Goibibo.com.


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