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bus cancelled by the travels

i booked a ticket for  9th of march  to get back from banglore to chennai ,the bus is said u depart at 3;00pm ,the travels is SRM.....around 10;00 AM in the morning of march 9th i recieved a sms saying the bus has been cancelled and the tickets will be refunded,the cost of ma ticket is RS.510/-  ,i haven't  got any refund until15th of march but a msg saying that a refund of Rs. 22 has been added to the gocash ,this doesent make any sense .doese the cancellation policy holds good even if the travels cancel the bus buy themselves and still get paid even if they don't operate ??

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Let us have a look into the same, kindly share your booking id over email to management@goibibo.com.


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