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UX Sucks! Request more Usability Testing before release.

Hi, I am facing a weird challenge with goibibo web portal for booking flight tickets. Generally I do it from app, but for some reason I landed on the web portal today. I noticed there is a 'Search flight + hotel' button has been added in the home page; may be for the marketing of hotel business, but the placement of it is so bad for users like me who is searching to book a single flight ticket. The eyes on web visit in F and Z direction, so when we are done with filling the returning date, the nearest button that we have is 'Search flight + hotel'. Most of the time I am accidentally clicking that particular button and becoming shocked by seeing the price at a glance in the next page.

A proper study is required on how much users are searching for a single economy class ticket and if it is more than the other end, I think we need to prioritize the simple search flight button. Misleading users is not at all a good way to market your other business.

I am also a UX Designer by profession and the advice to the design team/ management is to do at-least a small usability testing before releasing new design of such an impotent real estate.



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We value the feedback shared by our customer's, this is what help us identify the concerns faced by customer's. We have noted your feedback, for further evaluation.


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