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I had booked my bus ticket from Varanasi to Delhi with my spouse. PNR no is: 6VN6XX6 and travel date was 1 Nov 2016 . I use to book my tickets from Goibibo with the expectation and assurance of good and quality service.

Experience of this travel was terrible and scary because of irresponsible Goibibo Team. I am sending this complain to higher management because it was not expected from such a responsible Travel company with the expectation of quick and reasonable action.

Reason for complaint are as below:

· 1A: I booked my tickets for departure time 9PM but next day in afternoon few hours ago I received a sms saying that your bus departure time rescheduled and same will depart at 7 PM. I had booked late evening ticket with some planning which was ruined just because of Goibibo. I went to my Home town to see my parents after 8 months just for 2-3 days and every minute with family was precious for me. If in this someone will steal my 2 Hours, I cannot tolerate it.

· 1B: After seeing and boarding in the bus I realized that this is not the bus operator or the bus which I booked. There was 2-3 more person holding passenger name list from different operator who were accommodating their passengers in the bus. In simple words 2-3 operators merging their passengers and in one different bus and I think this is the only reason to reschedule bus timing. Which is not genuine.

· 1C: Bus departure time was 7 PM and departed at 8 PM. Driver was refilling fuel after boarding the passengers. Cannot he refill before boarding the passengers??? As bus moved from the boarding point I smelled whisky inside the bus, I tried to complain to the conductor who was managing passengers but he seems too busy and have no time to listen to us. I was scared because from Varanasi to Allahabad I was the only passenger who was travelling with a lady.

· 2A: I booked Ac Deluxe bus for overnight travel so that can take bit rest because next morning I was supposed to join office. There was no curtain in bus, all outsides roadside lamp and lights from vehicles coming from other side were heating to our eyes.

· 2B: Ring which was place to hang the curtains gathered at one place like bunch and making sound like a bell whole night.

· 2C: Window glass was opening automatically from air pressure in every few minutes’ interval because of that cold air and dust was coming directly to us.

· 2D: Ac air Stopper was broken and cold Air of Ac was coming directly on head of my wife. Because of that my wife falls sick and faced fever and cold for next 2 days.

· 3A: At the time of booking total travel time was showing around 12 HRS we were supposed to be in Delhi by 9 AM. Even after departing 2 Hours prior bus reached at Akshardham Metro station around 10:15-10:20 AM after more than 14 hours travel. Because of this I missed my office.

Now my question is:

Who is going to pay my and my wife’s one day salary and expenditure of medical treatment which I had done for my wife just because of poor bus condition ??? 

yesterday I booked 4 flight tickets from Hyderabad to chandigarh and goibibo charged me 14077 with promotion . and I checked same flight on make my trip and they are charging 13534 without any promotion. what a rip off

pls stop sending fare alerts for Flights


Hello All,

I had booked a ticket on 12/14/2017. And my journey was on 12/15/2017 over night, (kaleshwari travels) sleeper.

All of a sudden the bus was broke done & there is no alternate provided. (kaleshwari travels) people are agreed to refund back. I made online payment.

Hence i request you guys to refund my money back asap.

Hope you guys will understand.

We would like to get the claim validated and sorted for you. Kindly share the booking id over email to managament@goibibo.com.


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