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Changing the name options

Please change the 'first name' and 'last name' options to 'Given name' and 'Surname' as it in the passport. All people shouldn't have surname and that make some problem while booking and you don't have the facility to change name, customers money will be lost.

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Dear Arvind,

Thank you for this idea. We think it will be a good option for better understanding of the user. We will share the same with teams involved, to check if we can change the same for future.


GoCare Team

This post is an year old, still this problem has not been fixed. I have major problem now since I booked a flight using goibibo, and the passenger has no last name, only first name. The app lets you by pass this by adding a "-" as the last name. But in the ticket, the last name is shown as the first name which is not right according the id proof of the passenger. I had to make phone calls more than 5 times to the customer care, every two hours to get an update and goibibo was unable to provide a solution. They are forcing me to cancel the ticket and book again and I need to pay the charges involved. How is that customer service ?

Kindly note that the different airlines have different policies for such issues, that's why it is advised to our customers to fill in "-". Still, you may share the booking id in question over email to management@goibibo.com.


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