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Major Development Needed in Booking Process

 Actually i want an additional feature/option in GoIbibo Android App...even in booking whether it is website/android app etc.

Just suppose we are 6 members and i want to book 2rooms(4Bedded Room for 4guests + Double Bed Room for 2guests) for same day check-in and same day check-out in XYZ hotel & XYZ hotel also offering 4Bed Room & Double Bed Room & XYZ hotel policy is Non-Refundable.

So if i want to book an combination of 4Bedded Room + Double Bed Room in single transaction, it is not possible due to select only single room from Hotel's Room list before Booking while i want to book 2Room but of different-different guest capacity in single transaction.

Currently i have to book 4bedded room in one transaction and Double Bed room in second transaction.due to this unnecessarily i have to use one more GoKarde coupon while it can be done in single GoKarde coupon if required option/feature is available in GoIbibo app & i have only 3GoKarde coupon/chance.

one more reason to add this feature is that just suppose XYZ hotel policy is Non-Refundable and i successfully booked 4bedded room in one transaction and after few seconds when i am going to book double bed room in second transaction suddenly double bed room is out of stock / not available now....while before booking 4bedded room i checked that double bed room is available...So in that case Either i have to cancel that 4bedded room booking (while XYZ Hotel is Non-Refundable) or book double bed room in other hotel which is not good for any family stay because every Family wants to stay in single hotel. in both scene i have to suffer a lot Financially & Mentally for stay Family together

I hope you understood my requirement.If not understood feel free to contact me.

So please do some exciting developments in your Booking App or website so that we can take complete benefit of GoKarde.So please forward my query to your Concerned Department like Technical or Android App Development Department  of GOIBIBO etc.

Above XYZ hotel is just for an example to clairify my requirement.

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